The Grazier’s Guide to Trees


The Grazier’s Guide to Trees lays out a bold yet practical vision for regenerative grazing, one that takes the ecological health, economic profitability and all-around resilience of grass farms to whole new heights.

All grass farmers face problems that trees are uniquely able to solve, problems like heat stress, cold stress, summer slumps and lack of winter feed. Trees have been around forever, and the knowledge of what trees can do for graziers is not new. But nobody has yet brought together all the information and practically applied it to the specific needs of grass farmers. Until now.

The Grazier’s Guide to Trees walks producers step-by-step through the process of incorporating trees into pastures, covering the following topics:

  • How trees can solve the key problems of grass farming
  • How to select species to address your needs
  • How to plant and protect trees in active pastures
  • How to lay out trees in a way that makes sense for your farm
  • How to plan and break up plantings into manageable phases
  • How to access funding to cover your costs
  • The long-term aftercare of trees

Whether you are a full-time grazier, a hobby farmer or homesteader, The Grazier’s Guide to Trees will reveal to you a whole new world of opportunity as you learn to incorporate trees into your operation.

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