SilvoPro NC: Professional Plan Writing Workshop


If you want to work with farmers to develop silvopasture plans that are practical, profitable, and have the highest likelihood of success, save yourself and your clients a lot of expensive and aggravating trial-and-error learning and learn from the folks at Trees For Graziers. We have years of experience, and dozens of large-scale plantings under our belts, and will walk you through the plan-writing process, including:

  • Goal setting
  • Species selection
  • Interaction with livestock types
  • Layout
  • Design considerations and risk assessment
  • Protection
  • Funding
  • Planting logistics and aftercare.

Workshop will include a live consultation with Warren Wilson College, and you will leave with a solid understanding of the process of developing quality silvopasture plans.

Where: Warren Wilson College. Exact location will be shared closer to the date.

When: Friday, October 27, 2023. 1:30-4:30pm


  • This workshop is geared towards people working professionally with silvopasture. It is the second of three workshops being offered at Warren Wilson College on October 27-28. More information about the Understanding Systems to Launch Silvo workshop that’s scheduled for the morning of October 27 can be found here, and registration for the Intro to Silvopasture workshop (Oct 28 all day) can be found here. Workshops can be done separately, but are best when taken together.
  • Given the limited time, there will be very little intro to silvopasture, and in order to get anything from this planning workshop, you’ll absolutely need a foundation to start from. We highly recommend that people come primed with information about the basics of silvopasture, so they can have an informed discussion. The Grazier’s Guide to Trees gives a thorough overview, and this webinar from our friends at Working Trees also gives a great primer on silvopasture
  • 100% refund offered until October 21.

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