Our Mission

Our Mission

TFG exists to spread agroforestry, and silvopasture in particular, far and wide, while raising the quality standards for every practice we work with. We envision a future where agroforestry forms the foundation of resilient, regenerative and vibrant food systems that undergird healthy, holistic and equitable communities. We aim to have a major beneficial impact on the world and give to the next generations a world that is better because of our efforts.

We make agroforestry possible at scale by making it simple and cost-effective for farmers to implement. We do so by providing services such as education, consulting, plan writing, funding acquisition, implementation and aftercare. By doing so we take the burden of time, energy, expertise and finances off the shoulders of farmers, so they can continue to do what they do best on the farm, while learning together how to successfully integrate trees in their operation.

We focus on the following:

Consultation and planning

Silvopasture project development

Finding silvopasture funding

Sourcing the right trees and materials for your needs

Project management

Coaching you through the process of establishing trees

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