Carbon Credits

If you are interested in getting paid for the carbon you sequester through a silvopasture planting, Working Trees is the place to go. They are exclusively focused on selling credits from silvopasture plantings, a terrific niche that fits in so well with what TFG does. They’re also unique in that their goal is to make carbon credit sales profitable on a smaller scale than has been possible to-date. While most carbon credit deals so far have involved 1,000+ acre operations, Working Trees wants to make it feasible for small farms as well. The way it works is this: You plant trees in your pastures, which will take carbon dioxide from the air and lock it up in the tree. There are plenty of people and businesses that want to pay you for that service. However, good luck knocking on the door of Amazon or Microsoft and getting paid. You need someone who can make that connection, verify that the trees were planted, make sure all the right protocols are followed, and generally create a trusted connection between the producer (you) and credit buyer. That’s where Working Trees comes in.

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