Our Mission

Our Mission

Trees For Graziers works to empower farmers and ranchers to take grazing to new heights by integrating the right trees for better pastured profits. We are passionate about silvopasture education and sharing insights tailored to grass farmers. We want to see farms and landscapes transformed into healthy, regenerative, profitable farm ecosystems. That’s why we provide the many educational materials we do.

We also recognize that while planting trees is extremely important and valuable, it is never immediately urgent, so it tends to not happen. It takes a real investment of time, planning, funding and labor to do, and most people are stretched thin as it is. In light of that, our goal is to make planting trees in pastures as simple, low-cost and smooth as possible.

We focus on the following:

Consultation and planning

Silvopasture project development

Finding silvopasture funding

Sourcing the right trees and materials for your needs

Project management

Coaching you through the process of establishing trees

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